About Us

is a buy and sell website, buy and sell used car, buy and sell house and vacancies info in Batam area. Sisada.Com also provide advertising for other categories. Sisada provide many advertising plan: FREE advertising and special ads with paid advertising.

As for the sisada do is provide a place where sellers and buyers around Batam city can make buying and selling safely and smoothly. Sisada are maintaining that all products advertised are true. Sisada also the responsibility to keep the visitors in order to avoid fraud. Therefore, the paid advertising and free advertising on sisada still require verification of the Administrator. It is also to maintain the quality of advertising, including ensuring that products / services are bought and sold include products / services that are legal in the jurisdiction of Indonesia. With the checking of any advertisement by the Administrator, it is expected that the incidence of fraud often happens in online business can be minimized.

Sisada first developed by Deonald Tinambunan. Over time and see the development of the website, a few colleagues joined to help manage the website, online and offline.

For reasons of mobility and confidence that sisada can be fully developed online, so this time sisada deemed not necessary to have a permanent physical address. But that does not mean that Sisada could not be contacted. We provide email facilitiy where visitors can contact sisada any time online. Later on when it is necessary, then it is also possible Sisada will have a permanent physical address.

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Sisada Contact:
Phone: 0858 6030 6218 or 0813 5639 2645
Email: admin[at]sisada.com or support[at]sisada.com
WhatsApp: 0815 3652 3190
BBM: 7697C314

Last update: 21 May 2013